Suzanne Parsel-Dew

Suzanne is passionate about framing public health problems from a systemic perspective, and using a One Health mindset for developing interventions.  She believes veterinarians are well positioned to be the multi-disciplinary boundary spanning professionals capable of collaborating and problem-solving climate change driven threats to environmental, animal, and human health.  She envisions a more integrated role for veterinarians in all sectors of the profession, in environmental and human health.  
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"Where ya'll from?"

Suzanne is a native of Newport Beach, California.  She did her undergraduate work at California State University, Fullerton and received a BA in Liberal Arts.  She attended the University of Connecticut and earned her math and science requirements for veterinary school.  She left Connecticut and moved to Blacksburg, Virginia to attend the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and earned her DVM.  Later she pursued her interests in business and entrepreneurship at the University of Arkansas and received her MBA.

For twenty-five years she has lived at Doxa, the family farm in rural Arkansas.  She has two adult sons, Parker and Giffory Dew and currently lives with two dogs, Zip and Ace, three horse and lots of wildlife.


P.O. Box 254

Knoxville, AR 72845

(479) 858-1102